In one of my config [~/.tmux.conf] there is a line :

set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"
set -s escape-time 10

I think it sets global variables of my system. But I am not sure.. I searched for it on the web ... & even the man pages doesn't give me information about -g option when in bash I did help set and there are not information about -g option and -s option..

How do I find out what these command does by reading man pages...

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set is an alias to tmux set-option

tmux man

Commands which set options are as follows:

set-option [-agsuw] [-t target-session | target-window] option value

(alias: set) Set a window option with -w (equivalent to the set-window-option command), a server option with -s, otherwise a session option.

If -g is specified, the global session or window option is set. With -a, and if the option expects a string, value is appended to the existing setting. The -u flag unsets an option, so a session inherits the option from the global options. It is not possible to unset a global option.


It's not bash conf, it's tmux confs, so you should look for information about this option in tmux help.

Quick searching gave me that:

If -g is used, the change is made in the global environment; otherwise, it is applied to the session environment for target-session.


Those are tmux commands. The tmux config file is read and interpreted by tmux. The shell language does not apply.

You're looking for the tmux man page, which describes the -s and -g flags as well as the meaning of the options (as they are referred in the tmux man page) such as default-terminal and escape-time.

Note that the set command does not appear to be documented on the man page on GNU/Linux, but it is an alias of set-option.

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