I have sha1 summed all the image files on my storage server and put the results in a text file in the form of:

sha1sum filename

I've sorted the file and removed all all unique sha1sum entries. So what I am left with is a list of duplicate files. Some have two entries, some three, some even more.

What I want to do is to remove only the first entry of each duplicate sha1sum so I can use the resulting output to delete the duplicate files (and keep only one instance of each)

I don't really care which version gets kept as I will be moving all the files into some form of directory hierarchy later


With GNU utilities, as found on Linux or Cygwin, you can tell uniq to separate each block of files with the same hash. Calling uniq with the option --all-repeated removes unique files from the list in the process.

sha1sum * |
sort | uniq -w 40 --all-repeated=prepend |
sed -e '/^$/ { N; d; }' -e 's/^[^ ]*  //' |
tr '\n' '\0' | xargs -0 rm --

This isn't worth the effort over this simple, portable awk script: print each line if its first field is identical to the first field of the previous line. Again, this takes care of removing unique files from the list.

sha1sum * |
sort |
awk '$1==h {print}  {h=$1}' |
tr '\n' '\0' | xargs -0 rm --

Instead of doing this manually, you could call fdupes.

fdupes -f

You could also use awk 'a[$1]++'

$ gsha1sum *
86f7e437faa5a7fce15d1ddcb9eaeaea377667b8  file1
e9d71f5ee7c92d6dc9e92ffdad17b8bd49418f98  file2
86f7e437faa5a7fce15d1ddcb9eaeaea377667b8  file3
86f7e437faa5a7fce15d1ddcb9eaeaea377667b8  file4
$ gsha1sum *|awk 'a[$1]++'
86f7e437faa5a7fce15d1ddcb9eaeaea377667b8  file3
86f7e437faa5a7fce15d1ddcb9eaeaea377667b8  file4

Like the commands posted by Gilles, it also removes lines whose first field only appears once in the input.

a[$1]++ could be replaced with a[$1]++>0 or ++a[$1]>=2.

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