I'm new on server administration. Recently I purchased a new VPS but when I add a new user/Cpanel, it always shows unlimited disk quota. I have tried many times to enable quota but failed every time. My server is CENTOS 6.9 virtuozzo

  1. Login to server via ssh
  2. Switch to root user sudo su -
  3. Edit /etc/fstab: sudo nano /etc/fstab

It shows me following entries in file:

none    /dev/pts        devpts  rw,gid=5,mode=620     0 0
none    /dev/shm        tmpfs   defaults              0 0

I've added a new entry:

/dev/mydevicename  /home     ext3    defaults,usrquota,grpquota  1 2
  1. Save and exit to terminal
  2. Now run mount -o remount /home command but it return mount: /home not mounted already, or bad option

I tried a different mount point with name hbhome then it return:

mount: mount point /hbhome does not exist

Also I tried default mount point / and run mount -o remount / but it returns:

Permission denied

At this point I am clueless to how to achieve it. I also googled many times for the same issue but I didn't find anything which can resolve the issue. Can someone tell me how to resolve this?

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