I installed the new Debian 9.1 and I realized a problem which I believe to be a bug. When I'm connected to a network, whatever it is, and I try to select a new one, it will not connect. It will try for several seconds, fail and connect back to the previous one.

For me to be able to connect to a new one, I must forget all the networks and select the new one, and again enter the password.

I don't know if it would be a bug, and if I could officially report it.


You should report a bug to debian , there are 3 open bugs for network-manager and 1 bug for wpasupplicant package:

$apt-listbugs list wpasupplicant network-manager

Retrieving bug reports... Done
Parsing Found/Fixed information... Done
grave bugs of wpasupplicant (-> ) <Outstanding>
 b1 - #849122 - With 2.6-2 i dont have the wifi adapter in the (network-manager) list available.
serious bugs of wpasupplicant (-> ) <Outstanding>
 b2 - #849077 - wpasupplicant: [Regression] Updating wpasupplicant makes not possible to connect to encrypted WiFi
 b3 - #849875 - broadcom-sta-dkms: Wifi association took too long, failing activation
serious bugs of network-manager (-> ) <Outstanding>
 b4 - #870171 - WPA usage error: Invalid passphrase character
 wpasupplicant(3 bugs), network-manager(1 bug)

The #870171 describe the same bug

I could not figure out what is going on. I selected an AP which has been working fine for months, and suddenly NM switched me to another AP (which works partly since it is far away and reception quality is bad).

Apparently the problem come from wpa_supplicant package.(awaiting the confirmation from report bug reply)

a quick fix:

Disable network-manager or wicd

Create a separate wpa_supplicant.conf file for every Access point

To switch between SSID , kill the runing wpa_supplicant process then connect from the terminal through wpa_supplicant.

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