I have a setup with a laptop at the left and two monitors with different resolution at the center and on the right. arandr correctly shows the relative locations too.

However, Mod+w switches to the center monitor and Mod+e switches to the laptop monitor(which is on the left). Only Mod+r correctly switches to the right side. I get the same behavior with shift too.

What configuration should I change to fix this?


I'm using a someone else's setting from here with very slight modifications for swing(intellij) and some launcher keys. My config is here.

I'm using Ubuntu xenial with Mate.

I've read this answer and the docs of XMonad.StackSet but I still have no idea how to apply that in my case.

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I plugged the monitors out and plugged them back in again, and the keys are fixed.

It seems the order you plug them in matters.


It's embarrassing to admit I didn't read the FAQ fully. It's an easy fix. link

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