I am using for loop for unzipping multiple files:

ls *.zip | for zipfile in *.zip;
    unzip "$zipfile"

If while unzipping two zip files, there is a file with same name in both zip then I want to concatenate those both files into single file with same name in same folder.

How to do it?


Assuming there are no directories in the archive:

mkdir tmpdir1 tmpdir2 targetdir
unzip -d tmpdir1 "$zipfile1"
unzip -d tmpdir2 "$zipfile2"
cd tmpdir1
for file in *; do
    if [ -f "../tmpdir2/${file}" ]; then
        cat "$file" "../tmpdir2/${file}" >"../targetdir/${file}"
        mv $file" "../targetdir/"
cd ../tmpdir2
mv * targetdir/
  • Is there any way to set a condition like if file with same name found then concatenate it or else leave it as is? As I have multiple zip files and this problem is only for some of them, the way you told is difficult to implement – varad Sep 5 '17 at 9:02

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