I have used the adb shell command to shell into my android device.

I then tried to run the command...

touch -t 201108231405.14 *.png

To changed the modified time of all the files in the Photos directory of the device.

The error message I get is....

touch: invalid timestamp specified

What is wrong with the timestamp I am providing?

Trying the following command doesn't work and spits out the output...

touch: usage: touch [-alm] [-t YYYYMMDD[.hhmmss]] <file>


I have also tried this format and it didn't work...

1|shell@jfltecan:/sdcard/Pictures/ $ touch -t -c 20110823.140514 *png       
touch: invalid timestamp specified

I have also tried the following command which also did not modify the timestamp...

shell@jfltecan:/sdcard/Pictures/NYC $ touch -a -t 20110823.140514 *.png
touch: usage: touch [-alm] [-t YYYYMMDD[.hhmmss]] <file>
ouch -a -t 20110823.140514 IMG_2880.png                                       <
255|shell@jfltecan:/sdcard/Pictures/NYC $ ls -l IMG_2880.png
-rwxrwx--- root     sdcard_r 12462866 2017-09-04 14:39 IMG_2880.png
shell@jfltecan:/sdcard/Pictures/NYC $ 

As you see here touch -t creates the files before modifying the file.

touch -a    To change file access and modification time.
touch -m    It is used to only modify time of a file.
touch -r    To update time of one file with reference to the other file.
touch -t    To create a file by specifying the time.
touch -c    It does't create an empty file.

Another way would be :

touch -d '23 August 2011 14:05:14' *.png

-d, --date=STRING
              parse STRING and use it instead of current time
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