I'm looking for a backup solution to replace Crashplan's peer-to-peer backup that has recently been discontinued. I am looking for recommendations on a solution. Here is my scenario:

I have several computers located at two different houses:

  • houseA_server (Ubuntu 16.04)
  • houseA_pc (Windows 10)
  • houseB_server (Ubuntu 16.04)
  • houseB_pc1 (Windows 10)
  • houseB_pc2 (Windows 10)

I want to do local and remote backups. These are file backups, not whole disk images:

local backups (over local LAN):

  • houseA_pc --> houseA_server
  • houseB_pc1 --> houseB_server
  • houseB_pc2 --> houseB_server

remote backups (over internet):

  • houseA_pc --> houseB_server
  • houseB_pc1 --> houseA_server
  • houseB_pc2 --> houseA_server

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