#!/bin/bash -x

ssh -T root@jumpbox ssh -T root@IP << EOF  
YY=$(date +'%y')  
echo $YY  


Trying tunnel from jumpbox...  
Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.  
-bash: line 6: YY: command not found

The variable I need to assign is more complex, it's not about year number as shown in my description.

  • Firstly you can't have spaces around the '=' in bash variable assignments. Secondly the output doesn't match the snippet. Thirdly -T actively suppresses terminal allocation, it doesn't mean "tunnel" if that's what you're hoping for. All up this is a very poorly written question. How about you tell us what you're actually trying to achieve and post a self-contained coherent test case? – tink Sep 4 '17 at 8:44

When you don't quote the EOF in <<EOF, expansions are perfomed by the local shell inside the here document (so the $(date ...) is expanded by the local date and $YY is expanded to the value in the local shell (empty unless you have assigned a value earlier)). If you the content of the here-document to be passed verbatim to the remote shell, you need to quote the EOF one way or another:

ssh -T root@IP << 'EOF'
YY=$(date +'%y')
echo "$YY"

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