I start a few urxvt terminals from my i3 config whenever I start a new i3 session. However, if I ever run xrdb ~/.Xresources to reload my urxvt config and then start another terminal, it's font size is much smaller than that of the terminals started from the i3 config. i3 with different font sizes

I know that both instances are reading ~/.Xresources because that's where I set the colorscheme. I came across a total hack with xrandr --dpi 196 while searching, and it does actually make the font sizes the same, but the status bar fonts become very large as a result.

I've also tried adding exec "xrdb ~/.Xresources" to the i3 config before starting the terminals at startup, but it doesn't help - the startup terminals are the same, and as soon as I start a new terminal, it has a very small font size. I'm guessing the screen resolution is determined differently at startup than it is later, but I'm not sure how to go about debugging this.

My i3 config and ~/.Xresources are linked here.

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To automatically run this command, I have

if [-f $userressources]
  xrdb -merge $userressources

in the file .xprofile.

See also How to load ~/.Xresources when starting X?

From Difference between .xinitrc, .xsession and .xsessionrc it seems that the file you should to put that in depends on your login manager. It's probably that I'm using LightDM.

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