I've installed mail-in-a-box on Ubuntu 14.04 and I can't seem to find how to change Roundcube's logo. Thank you


To convert nijave's comment into an answer, pulling from HowtoForge's How do I change the roundcube logo to my own? -- knowing that I don't have the software available to test this:

Edit the /etc/roundcube/config.inc.php file:

// replace Roundcube logo with this image
// specify an URL relative to the document root of this Roundcube installation
// an array can be used to specify different logos for specific template files, '*' for default logo
// for example array("*" => "/images/roundcube_logo.png", "messageprint" => "/images/roundcube_logo_print.png")
$config['skin_logo'] = "/images/roundcube_logo.png";

Where you've put the desired image in that path. Note that the path is relative to the Roundcube installation.

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