I have Hewlett-Packard 183E (U3E1) motherboard in my HP Pavillion G6 2230TX laptop. I have 4 pinned fan (I have seen in forums, saying this as the indication of PWM controlling ability?). My BIOS has this option for fan: Fan Always On I can only disable it. I am now running Zorin 12.

I have tried the steps given in the answer of the question How to control fan speed?. I am stuck, as others in the comments of that linked question with this message,

/usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed

That question has found solution for dell laptops, I have hp. What can I do to control my fan?

  • Why do you want to control your fan? – fpmurphy Sep 2 '17 at 19:37
  • Thank you for the reply. My laptop's temperature is increasing to 80 degree C in one and a half hours. Fan runs, but too too slow, almost seems not running. If I wan to use it longer, I need to make it run properly. – Immortal Player Sep 2 '17 at 19:42
  • It sounds like you should be asking “How do I get my laptop to stop running so hot?” – Scott Sep 16 '17 at 1:18

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