I need to change something like

<1> to _1
<21> to _21

Is there a way I can automate this using sed, or awk or vi ?

Note: The number inside the angular brackets varies.

  • Yes that is possible, it is also possible to do that just with the shell. Is asking whether it is possible really helpful? You could have tried and found a solution in max 5 minutes of searching+reading. Then you would have known that it is possible and how to do it? – Anthon Sep 2 '17 at 6:25

With sed:

sed 's/<\([0-9]*\)>/_\1/g'

Running this on the example in the question produces

_1 to _1
_21 to _21

The pattern <\([0-9]*\)> matches any number of digits inside <...>. The replacement text replaces this <...> bit of input with the digits (if there are any) prefixed by _.

In Vi:


This is equivalent to the sed solution, for obvious historical reasons.

If you have the string <21> in a shell variable var in Bash:

printf '%s\n' "_${var//[<>]/}"

This will print _21 using the variable substitution ${parameter//pattern/string}.

With tr. Note: This gives the appearance of working on a very limited set of input. It blindly replaces < with _ and deletes >, with no regard for where they occur:

tr '<' '_' <file.in | tr -d '>'

This is more of a joke solution than anything serious, but will work if the only < and > that occurs in the input are the ones with digits in-between.

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