So thanks to this site I've found the way to move all files from current date created on this date to another directory but there is an error which I don't understand:

Thu Aug 31; 15:05:02; marton;~/Свалени ;  $  find . -newermt 20170829 -not -newermt 20180101 -print0 | xargs -0 mv -t /backup/desktop/books/Python/ML-demos/
mv: inter-device move failed: ‘.’ to ‘/backup/desktop/books/Python/ML-demos/.’; unable to remove target: Invalid argument
Thu Aug 31; 15:06:19; marton;~/Свалени ;  $  

Is this problematic and how can I workaround this error ?


Your error occurs because your find command finds ., the current working directory, and passes it to mv.

If you're just moving files (not directories), add -type f to the find command:

find . -type f ...(as before)...

This will filter out directories, including the . directory.

You may also get rid of xargs completely:

find . -type f -newermt 20170829 -not -newermt 20180101 \
    -exec mv -t /backup/desktop/books/Python/ML-demos/ {} +

You try to move ., which is the current directory. You can remove that by adding -mindepth to your find command. Try it first without piping to xargs, to see if you get the desired result.

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