I have input that looks like the following.

name root-servers_net-ipv4
name root-servers_net-ipv4-1
name root-servers_net-ipv4-2
name root-servers_net-ipv4-3
name root-servers_net-ipv4-4

I'm trying to return only the following output.

name root-servers_net-ipv4

grep '^name.* ' test_asa_policy |grep -w "root-servers_net-ipv4"

It appears -w doesn't recognize hyphenated words.

I tried the following but it returned no results

grep -P '(^|\s)\Kroot-servers_net-ipv4(?=\s|$)' test_asa_policy
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    -w matches all 5 lines because (1) ends in end-of-line, and (2..5) have a non-word character after the search text. – Jeff Schaller Aug 30 '17 at 14:54

Just use regexp "end of the string" anchor $:

grep '^name.*root-servers_net-ipv4$' test_asa_policy

The output:

name root-servers_net-ipv4

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