I booted the Clonezilla live image from a USB stick and am currently in the proces of cloning my internal HDD from it.

If this was a normal Debian live USB, taking out the USB stick during operation would cause the system to crash.

But I think perhaps the Clonezilla live system runs entirely from RAM? So, could I just withdraw it from the USB port, while the program is running? It would make sense if they designed it like that, as some people have a limited number of USB ports and may need them for the devices they are cloning from or to.

I am asking because the cloning is taking a while and I want to use the USB stick for something else while I wait.

I have tried searching the internet for this, but I could not find an answer. Also, I do not want to just try as an experiment, as I do not want to risk having to restart the cloning and/or corrupting any of the media involved.

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You can remove the clonezilla usb drive only if you selected Clonezilla live (To RAM. Boot media can be removed later) in the boot menu under Other modes of Clonezilla live.


Nowadays, the options that allow to remove the Clonezilla USB and swap it for the backup media are those that include "to RAM" in their tittle. There are several.

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