I have a kubernetes cluster running on baremetal ubuntu server 16.04 with glusterfs and heketi. Heketi will automatically add volume groups and add those to fstab. Due to $reasons, that volume group might not exist on boot.

If the initramfs encounters a non-existant volume group in the fstab, it will cease to boot and throw the server into grub emergency mode - which really sucks for servers sitting in some data center somewhere in the world.

Is it possible to let the kernel try to continue booting despite a wrong entry in fstab?

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If your ubuntu has systemd, you can edit /lib/systemd/system/local-fs.target and comment out the last two lines:


I haven't tested this extensively and don't know if there are any risks or side effects involved, but so far it works like a charm. It mounts the root volume and all other volumes, except those that are misconfigured, obviously

  • I did not know about those config options, thanks! In the end, the solution was outside the box: I do not use heketi with GlusterFS on the node-level anymore and plan to move from Heketi to a different storage engine altogether. If problems like the one described occur, I cannot really trust the system and it becomes useless for me.
    – Lars
    Jul 30, 2019 at 6:28

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