I have Bash completion for JTR setup as recommended:

Enable bash completion. add the following line to your ~/.bashrc .

<JtR path>/run/john.bash_completion

Therefore I have this in .bashrc:

. /mnt/data/Documents/Build/JohnTheRipper/run/john.bash_completion

This works fine, and I can Bash complete when calling the john binary.

However, I made a script called johnit so I can call John The Ripper with various modes, wordlists and rules in one shot.

As noted in the comments within john.bash_completion I used the following syntax to "copy" the bash completion rules to johnit:

complete -F _john johnit

johnit resides in ~/bin/johnit and this is in the current user's $PATH.

However, when tab completing with johnit the shell hangs and never autocompletes.

As a test I tried this with another, empty, file, marked as executable:

touch magic 
chmod +x magic

And this appears to autocomplete but only without the leading dot and slash (./magic) so Bash wouldn't actually call it properly when executed:

magic --format=

What gives?

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