Today I was answering a question here about an infinite loop between

/etc/profile and /etc/bash/bashrc (or any other variant from bash initial script)

where the first call the second and vice-versa. Leaving you incapable of entering commands in bash.

On that specific scenario the solution was to boot from a live system and edit one of both files... but what could someone do if, for example, the same happens on an AWS instance?

This is a theoretical question, I suppose that it could happen to someone.

PS. I know that the fastest solution would be to kill the server and start a new one, but is there any other option?

  • It was /etc/bash.bashrc not /etc/bash/bashrc, but thanks for your answer (will wait about 24 hours before accepting you answer for a secret reason) – John Militer Aug 27 '17 at 2:52
  • 1
    Kill the server and start a new one. – Michael Homer Aug 27 '17 at 2:55
  • @JohnMiliter no problem :) I hope it can solve the problem, at least that's what I'd do in that case, btw on my gentoo I have a /etc/bash/bashrc script that calls for several other, that's why my second path :) – Christopher Díaz Riveros Aug 27 '17 at 2:56

In this particular case (I assume that is the same with all the IaaS providers), is possible to attach an existing volume to a different instance.

From Amazon's official docs


  • Determine the device names that you'll use. For more information, see Device Naming on Linux Instances.
  • Determine how many volumes you can attach to your instance. For more information, see Instance Volume Limits.
  • If a volume is encrypted, it can only be attached to an instance that supports Amazon EBS encryption. For more information, see Supported Instance Types.
  • If a volume has an AWS Marketplace product code:
    • The volume can only be attached to a stopped instance.
    • You must be subscribed to the AWS Marketplace code that is on the volume.
    • The configuration (instance type, operating system) of the instance must support that specific AWS Marketplace code. For example, you cannot take a volume from a Windows instance and attach it to a Linux instance.
    • AWS Marketplace product codes are copied from the volume to the instance.

After that is the same procedure as any physical server.

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