I am currently using Fedora 26 with Cinnamon 3.4.6. Using Nemo as my default file manager.

I have a folder for Retro Arcade games, and some file types are a .bin. I want to change it to where anything outside the folder can be the default, but in this folder for it to change to mednafen.

So, for example. Running the .bin file extension by default would do this:

But running it in a certain folder would start mednafen '/.../Adventures of Batman and Robin, The (E).bin' and launch the file in mednafen for emulation.

Is this possible at all? Is there a script I can do that can easily do this? Any command or package that allows this to happen?

I am not big on scripting. Only just beginning to program python.

I don't want to "Choose a Program" for the .bin file extension just incase I need it in the future to open to another program by default.

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