I'm trying to make server stuff(cert, req, key) with easy-rsa tool:

./easyrsa build-server-full srv_name nopass

Using configuration from ./openssl-1.0.cnf

Enter pass phrase for /var/services/homes/admin/easyrsa3/pki/private/ca.key:

Check that the request matches the signature Signature ok

The Subject's Distinguished Name is as follows commonName
:ASN.1 12:'srv_name'

ERROR: adding extensions in section default 1073879248:error:22097082:X509 V3 routines:DO_EXT_NCONF:unknown extension name:v3_conf.c:125:

1073879248:error:22098080:X509 V3 routines:X509V3_EXT_nconf:error in extension:v3_conf.c:95:name=copy_extensions, value=copy

Actually, easy_rsa under the hood is trying:

openssl ca -utf8 -in /var/services/homes/admin/easyrsa3/pki/reqs/srv_name.req -out /var/services/homes/admin/easyrsa3/pki/issued/srv_name.crt.Cdgy3Ao8QP -config ./openssl-1.0.cnf -extfile /var/services/homes/admin/easyrsa3/pki/extensions.temp -days 3650 -batch

What's wrong with copy_extensions? My openssl just doesn't have it?

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