I am working on a CentOS release 6.9 linux distribution where my username is a member of two different groups: mygroup1 and mygroup2. If I am currently logged into an interactive shell using my primary group (mygroup1) and try to switch into my secondary group (mygroup2) using the command newgrp - mygroup2, my group does change, but the behavior of the change directory (cd ~) command does not bring me back to the mygroup2 home directory. Any idea why?

ssh user@host.com
id -ng
# returns: mygroup1
cd ~
# returns: /home/mygroup1/user
newgrp - mygroup2
id -ng
# returns: mygroup2
cd ~
# returns: /home/mygroup1/user (same as above, not mygroup2)

AFAIK, there is no such thing as a per-group home directory. When you do cd ~ you change to your user home directory which is usually set in /etc/passwd and does not depend on your group.

If you want to change your home, just do:

newgrp - mygroup2
cd ~              # Will move you to $HOME
  • Great thanks! It never occurred to me to simply change the HOME variable. – Todd Aug 23 '17 at 21:25

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