I'm using Kali Linux, and in the top left corner of my screen there's an Applications menu, with items like this:

01 - Info...
02 - Vul...
03 - We...

How can I enlarge the menu, so that the entire folder names would fit?

I've found the file containing all the menu items (/etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged/kali-applications.menu), but there seems to be no way to edit the width, or preferably make it auto-fit.

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I had a similar issue in Kali Linux and found the solution here:


The author expressed his suspicion that there must be a better solution but it worked for me like a charm. No more guessing what the menu item does!

The essence of the answer is here:

Edit this file (may require root privilege):


Look for...

this.categoriesBox.box.width = 300;

(just search for 300)

...and replace it with:

this.mainBox.box.width = 950;
this.categoriesBox.box.width = 500;

Save, logout, and log back in. Should be much better.

If not, play around with those numbers. Main box is the width of the entire menu; categories box is obviously the size of the categories box within the main box.

  • Thank you, this fixed it for me. I also asked this question on superuser and offered a bounty there. If you want, you can answer there as well to earn 50 reputation. Sep 4, 2017 at 7:16

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