I collected a performance profile of an application with perf record -g.

By default, perf report displays call chain data:

   100.00%     0.00%  htop     htop                [.] main

Is that possible to produce Linux perf report as if I did not specify -g at the time of recording?

I.e., I would like my report look like this:

36.26%  htop     [kernel.kallsyms]   [k] __d_lookup
 5.65%  htop     [kernel.kallsyms]   [k] __d_lookup_rcu
 3.41%  htop     [kernel.kallsyms]   [k] pid_revalidate
 2.68%  htop     [kernel.kallsyms]   [k] _raw_spin_lock

The recent versions of Linux perf allow to specify none as a "type" of a call chain. So, in order to achieve what you need, you should run perf report as follows:

perf report -g none --no-children ...

Note, that the documentation (man perf report) might not mention this option.

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