So after a year of use my printer decided to not print anymore. After troubleshooting for a bit I noticed that the cups error log shows something like

gs: symbol lookup error: <path>/libgs.so.9: undefined symbol: FT_Property_Set

I found that very weird. Since FT_Property_Set is obviously part of the freetype library i checked that:

ldd <path>/libgs.so.9
  libfreetype.so.6 => <path>/freetype-infinality/libfreetype.so.6

and then a grep of readelf -Ws <path>/freetype-infinality/libfreetype.so.6 actually showed that it did not define FT_Property_Set. I also have the "normal" freetype implementation installed and grepping readelf -Ws <path>/libfreetype.so.6.14.0 did show that it defined FT_Property_Set. So after removing the infinality version, libgs used the normal libfreetype.so and i could continue printing. My Question is whether I couldve told libgs to somehow only use the normal freetype library without deleting infinality (so that other programs would still use that) ?


One solution is to set LD_PRELOAD to original libfreetype.so. Another one is to recompile infinality with latest libfreetype (2.8.1).

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