I would like to sort the files in my Screenshots folder by date, so I added the following to my rc.conf:

setlocal PATH=~/Screenshots sort mtime
setlocal PATH=~/Screenshots sort_reverse False

But it does not seem to work. Did I make a syntax error?


  • Which distribution, version and kernel version are you running? – cezar Aug 19 '17 at 14:17

While not an edit to rc.conf, these key bindings should help. "os" sorts by size first. Pressing "o" will bring up a list of different options. This resource helped me find the answers: http://dquinton.github.io/debian-install/files/ranger-keybinds_quinton.pdf.


The path variable must be in lowercase, not in uppercase.

setlocal path=~/Screenshots sort mtime
setlocal path=~/Screenshots sort_reverse False

(tested on ranger-stable 1.8.1)

See the default rc.conf file.

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