I was playing with IFS today and created a quick text file with a list of numbers separated by commas on 1 line.


I then tried to write a script to print each number on a newline. I was able to make it work, but I had to know how many fields there were. I'm trying to figure out how to do this on a list that's much longer where I wouldn't want to specify every field.

while read num1 num2 num3 num4 num5
printf $num1"\n"
printf $num2"\n"
printf $num3"\n"
printf $num4"\n"
printf $num5"\n"
printf "\n"
done < "$1"

This gives me the output:

keismbp13b:tmp$ ./ifs.sh list

I'm thinking I may have to use awk or something similar to separate the list onto newlines but I am curious if there is another way.


I also realized just after posting that I could do this

tr , "\n" < list

Is there anyway to do this without separating the list first?


As you pointed in your question it's can be done with tr command as follows:

tr ',' '\n' < infile

and here are other options to do that.

sed -e $'s/,/\\\n/g' infile


sed 's/,/\
/g' infile.txt

Or in some sed implementations, use:

sed 's/,/\n/g' infile

Or via awk (if you don't mind last empty line):

awk -v RS=',' '1' infile

Or in bash:

while IFS='' read -r line; do 
    echo "${line//,/$'\n'}";
done < infile

Or reading to an array and then printf:

while IFS=, read -a fields; do
    printf "%s\n" "${fields[@]}";
done < infile
  • considering each field separated with comma as like ..., 2 4, ... at above, else, you can add it to IFS from IFS=',' to IFS=', ' to print in separate.

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