I have Bumblebee installed but it has a number of problems, not the least of which is being unable to use Vulkan. I tried following the instructions here, in addition to running # apt remove bumblebee*. I rebooted and was able to login with lightdm, but after that the display was black, so I reverted the changes using a different session not running X.

Is there something I should do not spelled out in that linked page? It seems like it was written for those trying to set up their NVIDIA-optimus stack, not modify it.

I'm running Deepin 15.4.1, which is based on Debian Sid, with slightly different package repositories.

  • If your GPU is compatible with the FOSS Nouveau drivers you can get rid of the non free Nvidia drivers and simply use the Linux kernel's built-in VGA Switcheroo tool as an alternative to Bumblebee. Have a look at this for more information. – user382051 Mar 16 at 9:23

Arch Linux uses AUR, a package management and delivery system maintained by the arch linux user community, less strict than debian based package management. So I would consider Arch Linux or distros based on it.

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  • I tried Manjaro and Antergos, but both failed to boot on my system after install. This was about 3 months ago, and I think I heard something about Manjaro improving UEFI support, so perhaps I'll try it again if I can't figure this out. – burningserenity Aug 18 '17 at 16:00

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