I had used Ubuntu 12.04 to build a mdadm software raid 1 array from 2 harddisks, and then I created a LVM on this array and used this LVM to install my Ubuntu 12.04 system on it (I still have a boot partition outside the LVM).

Recently, my system could not boot any more (I guess the 5 years harddisks may be too old and have some problems). I now boot my system from an Ubuntu 16.04 live CD but I could not see the data in my LVM volume.

Could anyone guide me the procedures to view my data in the LVM volume? Thanks for any suggestion.

EDIT : In fact, the LVM is built on 2 mdadm software raid 1 arrays. The structure is listed below :

/dev/sda5 + /dev/sdb5 -> A1 (1st raid 1 array)
/dev/sda6 + /dev/sdb6 -> A2 (2nd raid 1 array)
A1 + A2 -> LV1 (LVM volume built on 2 raid 1 arrays)

When I boot my computer using Ubuntu 16.04 live CD, the output for the following commands is :

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo lvscan
ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo vgscan
  Reading all physical volumes.  This may take a while...
ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo pvscan
  No matching physical volumes found

It seems that I could not find my LVM volume.

What could I do to fix this problem? Any comment?


You need to install mdadm (raid deamon) which is not present by default on the live Cd. Then you can perform the "assemble scan operation"

sudo apt-get install mdadm -y 
sudo mdadm --assemble --scan

Then perform lvscan/vgscan

sudo vgscan
sudo lvscan

Then use sudo fdisk -l | grep dev to find your list of logical volumes

Then perform the fcsk with command like

sudo fsck -y /dev/mapper/NAME_OF_THE_LOGICAL_VOLUME



  • Tested OK on my system. In addition, I use sudo vgchange -ay NAME_OF_THE_VOLUME_GROUP to activate my logical volume. – user1129812 Mar 26 '18 at 0:49

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