Why are these two commands equivalent (or so it seems based on the results I get back)? I figured the first command wouldn't work because the * would be treated as the glob operator but instead it got passed into grep just fine and interpreted as a regex pattern.

git diff master | grep \\+.*TODO
git diff master | grep \\+.\*TODO

A filename glob will only be expanded if there's a matching file in the current directory - otherwise (barring any nullglob or failglob shell options) it will be passed as-is. So:

$ echo \\+.*TODO
$ printf '+foo\n+TODO\n+bar' | grep \\+.*TODO


$ touch '\+.abcTODO'
$ echo \\+.*TODO
$ printf '+foo\n+TODO\n+bar' | grep \\+.*TODO
$ printf '+foo\n+TODO\n+bar' | grep \\+.\*TODO
  • Oh wow I never noticed that behavior. Thanks so much for explaining! – 11th Hour Worker Aug 17 '17 at 18:07

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