In Firefox we have two options at Firefox->Preferences->Preferences->Fonts and colors->Colors menu, Use system colors and Sites can use other colors.

I would like keep the first one checked (and this is ok) and change the second on a quick way.

A quick way could be pressing a shortcut on keyboard, running a terminal command or changing a content of a config file (because I can do a shell script and use a keyboard command).

My motivation is I would like to always use my system colors but if a webpage has strange visuals, I'd like change it to the original quickly.

Any ideas?


I'm not sure about editing firefox config files manually is a good idea, and according to Mozilla one shouldn't. However, if you wish to avoid going through Firefox->Preferences->... you can open up a new tab with the address about:config?filter=color and toggle the value of browser.display.use_system_colors in the last column. This is the recommended way to edit Firefox preferences as far as I know.

  • Thx about comment. Intersting way. The property what I was looking for is browser.display.use_document_colors and I can change it using about:config. I would keep this in my mind. I had found a solution (uses shortcuts) and I will embrace it. Thx a lot. – GarouDan May 14 '12 at 10:54

I had found a solution...

I asked on mozilla forum and they returned a answer to me. The solution is:

Install a extension called PrefBar. With this extension we can put a checkbox on mozilla that will change the property browser.display.use_document_colors. We can set a shorcut too (for example, F1).

With this extension we can enable severel other options too.

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