For example, every time I open the terminal, Ctrl Alt T or actually cliking it, it's directory is /home/bob

I want it to be home/bob/desktop. How do I make this the "default" opening directory?


You can add and cd desktop at the end of your .bashrc; this way every time you open a new terminal, it will redirect you to your desired directory.


You should be able to add a cd ~/desktop command to the end of your shell's initialization script – in this case, ~/.bashrc.

There are some other suggestions here, depending on what environment you're using (though you may have to implement them slightly differently, as that's targeted at urxvt). These are:

  • Use an "Open in Terminal" shortcut (if your desktop environment provides) on the Desktop itself

  • Alter the keyboard shortcut to add a relevant parameter to your terminal emulator, such as:
    gnome-terminal --working-directory=$HOME/desktop

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