Using "jbossapp" user I'm using this command to find ".stat" files which are created more than 3 minutes.

find /opt/jboss/* -mmin +3 -name "*.stat" 

Recently there is a folder created in /opt/jboss/ directory with root user now while using this command I'm getting 'permission denied' from the particular folder which is interrupting the search how do I exclude the particular folder which is having root privileges.



find /opt/jboss/* -type f -mmin +3 -name "*.stat" 2>/dev/null

The 2>/dev/null will redirect the Standard Error Output to special file /dev/null to avoid displaying any errors.

Also we add -type f to look for fIles only.

To excluding a directory use like below

find /opt/jboss/* -path /path/to/exclude -prune -o -type f -mmin +3 -name "*.stat" 2>/dev/null

also you can use -not -path as well.

find /opt/jboss/* -not -path /path/to/exclude -type f -mmin +3 -name "*.stat" 2>/dev/null

Even if you want exclude the find result from users who owned by root, use as follow:

find . \! -user root   ..... 
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    Hi AFSHIN, i have been struggling for this solution from 4 days .. there is no enough word Thanks . But Thank you so much – Kumar Aug 13 '17 at 5:34

If you want to exclude folders owned by root, then prune them with find:

find /opt/jboss/. \
   -type d ! -name . -owner root -prune -o -type f -mmin +3 -name '*.stat' -print

To be read as: Inside the top directory /opt/joss/ any folder that is not named ".", owned by "root" is not to be followed into. For everything else, we further constrain by picking regular files, older than 3 minutes, with extension ".stat" are to be printed to stdout.

  • Thanks for the solution i tried i m getting below error find: unknown predicate `-owner' – Kumar Aug 14 '17 at 2:25
  • @Kumar Change -owner to -user. Thanks, – user218374 Aug 14 '17 at 4:50

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