I have xfce debian system, the WiFi card on my laptop was not detected by the default network manager however the wired connection worked perfectly. So I decided to install WICD and remove the default network manager, using the following:

apt-get install wicd 
apt-get remove network-manager

and now with WICD installed nothing is working at all, not the wired nor the wifi it just shows a blank windows (where the networks are supposed to be)


That's probably because the wireless interface hasn't been recognized.

Go to Wicd Network Manager (if you can't find it type Wicd in Application Launcher) > Preferences (arrow right top corner) > General Settings tab.

On Wireless Interface write the name of your interface (usually wlan0 but it can be something else. To find out what it is, run iwconfig in terminal).

  • Reboot.
  • Rescan, NOT from Wicd Network Manager, but from System Tray (righ click on icon).
  • Wait.

If your wireless interface still hasn't been recognized perhaps it's just switched off. If you have a laptop check if there isn't a physical button to turn it on.

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