In Linux Mint 18.2, the default path selector looks like this:

path bar

I want it to look like this:


So I went opened up dconf-editor and changed org.gtk.settings.filechooser location-mode from path-bar to filename-entry. Unfortunately, this didn't have any effect, and when I opened up dconf-editor later, it had reverted back to path bar. So then I used gsettings to do it myself:

gsettings set org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser location-mode filename-entry

I tried this both with and without sudo. After running the command, gsettings get said that it did indeed take effect and was now set to filename-entry. Excited, I opened up gedit to test this, but was dismayed to find it was still the path bar and not filename-entry. Perplexingly, after closing the file-chooser in gedit, gsettings get now showed that location-mode had reverted to path-bar.

After trying this a few times, I determined that closing the file-chooser causes the setting to revert.

How can I get the file-chooser to use the path bar?


Having the same issue. also Linux Mint 18.2.

A workaround is to press Ctrl-L to switch to Location-entry mode.

I would also like a method to make this permanent.

  • unfortunately this bug is more than 2 years old now (gtkfilechooser won't read value) but there is no interest in fixing it – supersan Apr 26 '20 at 10:50

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