I have the following folder structure


I want to zip the content (files and sub folders) of folder without including the root folder in the zip.

I have tried command

zip -r package.zip folder

But this includes the root folder. Also tried the following form

zip -j -r package.zip folder

But this will flatten all the directory structures and just include the files. How do I preserve the internal directory structure but ignore the parent folder?

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zip stores paths relative to the current directory (when it is invoked), so you need to change that:

(cd folder; zip -r ../package.zip .)
zip -r package.zip folder/*

The above command will zip all files and sub folders under folder directory (It will ignore the parent directory for folder)

  • This will store the folder/ path in the archive, which the OP doesn’t want. It will also ignore any hidden files inside folder. Oct 7, 2021 at 9:58

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