I've been trying to minimise the footprint of an Xfce-4.10 Raspbian system which will be used as a Chromium kiosk. As part of this, I had previously removed packages related to GTK, Xfce themes, plymouth-themes etc.

At some point, my GTK apps stopped properly rendering GTK widgets (example). Notice the Xfce Session and Startup window renders fine, whereas the NetworkManager/GTK menu has no spacing or dividers.

A similar issue is encountered viewing Onboard settings. Checkboxes are not visible, although pressing where they should be shows a tick. Tabs are only visible by their text and function properly as tabs.

What steps can I take to reinstall/reconfigure GTK? There are no GTK-related settings in ~/.config, I have reinstalled all base xfce4 packages and gtk2-engines-xfce/gtk3-engines-xfce, as well as reinstalling adwaita-icon-theme and switching themes in Appearance Settings.

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    Having this exact issue (well I think so; sounds right) with xfce4 on a new 18.04 installation. Sublime Text 3 (for example) works fine in Unity but the application menu is squished when launched under xfce.
    – Pointy
    Dec 13 '18 at 19:16

I had a similar issue, also from trying to slim it down.

To fix it, I installed gtk2-engines, gtk2-engines-pixbuf, and gtk3-engines-breeze, then went to theme manager, changed the current theme, went to window manager, changed the theme there, and got it fixed.

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