I am attempting to work with the org.bluez.Profile1 in BlueZ 5.44. When connecting with a new device via the NewConnection DBus method, we get a file descriptor to work with. I am fairly confused on what state this file descriptor is in, and what I need to do in order to read/write from it. Simply calling read/write does not behave as expected for me.

In the file test/test-profile, I see this line of python code:

self.fd = fd.take()

I am struggling to find the Linux C equivalent to the take method. Any advice on how to configure this fd in C code so I can read/write with the fd would be very helpful!



My issue ended up being with the gdbus-codegen tool I was using. When using that tool, each fd parameter is actually an index to a GUnixFDList (documentation on that object here). In order to have the GUnixFDList passed with the method NewConnection, I had to annotate the method in xml as org.gtk.GDBus.C.UnixFD. Annotation documentation can be found here.

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