I know I can set bash in vi mode giving set -o vi in the command line. However I find I need vi mode only sometimes and I would like to keep using the normal mode (emacs mode?) and would be lovely to be able to switch to vi mode while I am already typing my new command.

Is there any way to set the vi mode without issuing a CLI command?

For instance it could be switched on by the Terminal application. I use iTerm2 on Mac OS X but I could not find a command to switch mode on the fly.

Any suggestion?

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You would be able to bind the two Readline functions vi-insertion-mode and emacs-editing-mode to a control key combination to toggle between these two input modes on the fly.

The code below first binds vi-insertion-mode to Ctrl+XCtrl+T in emacs-standard mode, and then binds emacs-editing-mode to Ctrl+XCtrl+T (the same key combination, but) in vi-insert mode.

bind -m emacs-standard '"\C-x\C-t": vi-insertion-mode'
bind -m vi-insert      '"\C-x\C-t": emacs-editing-mode'

You may use any control sequence that does not interfere with too many other things and that makes sense to you. The sequence used here is unbound by default.

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