I want to be able to launch the n'th item in my "Icons-only Task Manager" widget (included in KDE by default) using the shortcut Super+[N]. For example, if my panel looks like this:launcher, search, open chrome, file manager, minimised konsole
I want to be able to activate Chrome using Super+1, and launch a new Dolphin (file manager) window using Super+2, because they are the first and second items in my task manager respectively. This is similar to the functionality in Windows.

I am using Kubuntu 16.04 64-Bit with KDE Plasma 5.5.5 and Qt 5.5.1.


I believe this was not possible at the time I posted this question, but this is now a feature by default in KDE. You can change the shortcuts in System Settings -> Shortcuts -> Plasma -> Activate Task Manager Entry 1 .. 10

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