I have a python script that I run by passing some arguments as environment variables:

param=1 length=5 python myscript.py

I want to run it inside a screen. I tried screen -m param=1 length=5 python myscript.py but this does not work, I get the error "Cannot exec param=1, no such file or directory". How can I still run this script within a screen?

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    Can't you use something like screen -m bash -c 'param=1 length=5 python myscript.py'? – pfnuesel Aug 7 '17 at 23:24


param=1 length=5 screen -m python myscript.py


$ cat myscript.py
import os
print(os.environ["param"], os.environ["length"])

If we run this command:

$ param=1 length=5 screen -m python myscript.py

The output appears:

('1', '5')

(For python3, replace raw_input with input. Also, note that the output will display slightly differently.)

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