Is it possible to change the tmux prefix keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B to Alt+B?

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Yes. See for example this link:

set-option -g prefix M-b
  • zsh: command not found: set-option
    – alper
    Dec 2, 2021 at 1:17
  • 1
    @alper tmux before, or add to ~/.tmux.conf, or <prefix>:
    – SOFe
    May 5 at 5:26

Just extracted the link answered by @Lars Kotthof

Changing tmux prefix to Alt+b:

set-option -g prefix M-b

As other have noted, you can do this by describing your favorite control sequence in e.g. the ~/.tmux.conf config file.

set-option -g prefix M-b

You can also execute this from within tmux by using the command-prompt command, ie. the current prefix and the : character, to run the set-option command interactively. I.e., type Ctrl-b then these characters, as is:

:set-option -g prefix M-b

followed by the Enter key

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