I suppose I could use mkdir / touch but I'm not sure if these would go in the current directory as viewed in ranger.


To create a directory in ranger, just type

:mkdir exampledir


:touch examplefile
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The accepted answer is correct, but someone might prefer to get these commands typed just by pressing one key. As @jaustin describes in his answer, one need to have keys mapped in ~/.config/ranger/rc.conf config file.

If you copied default configuration files by

ranger --copy-config=all

then you already have the shortest access to mkdir / touch:

  • F7 - mkdir (config: map <F7> console mkdir%space)
  • Insert - touch (config: map <INSERT> console touch%space)

Mine current version of Ranger is 1.9.2.

BTW: extra space at the end of map c console touch␣ doesn't work. Only map c console touch%space will work.

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You can use :touch somefile, but I prefer it mapped to a key.

:map c console touch  (note the extra space at the end)

Place this at the bottom of your ~/.config/ranger/rc.conf minus the leading :

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