We've setup a central log server using rsyslog. I was just wondering if it's possible to send the ip address along with the syslog message from the client. I'm sending the message using a template and tried using %fromhost-ip%. As expected it's showing up as on the remote server. So I was wondering is there any way we can embed a bash variable in the rsyslog.conf. The only other alternative I see is to hardcode the ip which doesn't look too nice.

I'm currently using the below template.

$template linux_err,"<%PRI%>%TIMESTAMP% %source% %syslogtag% %smg%"

Guess using the %fromhost-ip% on the receiving server is the only option.

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    If you use %hostname% on the sender you should get something unique, if you have configured a hostname. Or use %fromhost-ip% in a format template on the server receiving the messages to change the message. – meuh Aug 6 '17 at 13:36

It is clearly written in the documentation that if you are receiving messages from the local system, then you will get as the ip.

Here, http://www.rsyslog.com/doc/master/configuration/properties.html

try sending it from some other system. It works for me.

Or else, if IP is not important to you and you just want to distinguish the host, use %hostname% property.

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