I just recently switched to the fish shell from bash and I am having trouble sourcing my dircolors template file to get custom colors to appear for certain file extensions.

In bash, I was sourcing a template from ~/.dircolors/dircolors.256dark. The dircolors.256dark template has different file types mapped to different colors. For example, when I use ls, all .wav files will appear in orange. This was being sourced in my ~/.bash_profile like so:

# uses dircolors template
eval $(gdircolors ~/.dircolors/dircolors.256dark)

# Aliases
alias ls='gls --color=auto'

However, fish doesn't really use an rc file but instead sources from a config.fish, file but the syntax for certain operations is different in fish.

I'm trying to figure out how I would be able to accomplish this in fish. I like being able to visually distinguish different file types by color so this could potentially be a deal breaker for me if there is no way of doing this in fish.


For clarity, I am not trying to simply change the colors of directories or executable files, but files with different file extensions. For example if I did ls in a directory, I would get the following:

my_file.py  # this file would be green for example
my_file.js  # this file would be yellow
my_file.wav # this file would be orange

EDIT: I used homebrew on macOS for dircolors.

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The solution was actually pretty simple. Within my ~/.config/fish/config.fish file, I just needed to drop the "$" from the eval statement. So it would look like this:

# uses dircolors template
eval (gdircolors ~/.dircolors/dircolors.256dark)

# Aliases
alias ls='gls --color=auto'

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