I want to add current date to the file name. when sending an email with attachment.

My script:


now=`date +"%m_%d_%Y"`

mutt -s "Reports $now" someone@gmail.com -a /path/Reports.xlsx < /path/mailmessage.txt

However, I want the current date with filename instead in email subject. As the file is modified daily and sent out through email.

eg: Reports_08032017.xlsx when received in email.

Is it possible?

Any help is appreciated.


Create a temporary copy with desired filename which you can delete after sending the mail.

NOW=$(date +'%m_%d_%Y')

cp "/path/Reports.xlsx" "$TMPCOPY"
mutt -s "Reports $NOW" someone@gmail.com -a "$TMPCOPY" < /path/mailmessage.txt

  • Thanks, should I create a /tmp/ folder for TMPCOPY? – Chid Aug 3 '17 at 17:59
  • You can use any folder you prefer to. /tmp is for storing temporary files and it should exist on basically any linux system. – sebasth Aug 3 '17 at 18:05

It's probably best to do when the file is created but you can also change the name of it like this:

today=$(date +%m-%d-%Y)
mv $file $nfile

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