I am trying to run LXDE on GNURoot Debian on Android. GNURoot Debian uses XTightVNCServer to provide an X environment over VNC, which I can connect to using RealVNC. But when I try to start LXDE using DISPLAY=localhost:51 startlxde it starts LXDE in a window. Also the LXDE panel is in a separate window. What do I need to do to get it running in full screen, so that it acts as a regular desktop environment?

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I solved it myself. Apparently the XTightVNCServer automatically started an instance of the twm window manager, that I didn't notice. When I now started LXDE it was only started as a window in twm.

As it seems, if you start two window managers, the second one is started only as a window in the first one.

So stopping twm before starting LXDE did the trick for me.

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