I am running Alpine Linux by using the alpine-standard-3.6.2-x86_64.iso image on VMWare Workstation 12.5.5.

Following this guide I've been able to configure, among others, root password, keyboard layout and network interfaces.

The gist of the process described in the guide is:

  1. create and mount a floppy device

  2. execute setup-alpine

  3. execute lbu commit floppy

The issue is that the saved configuration does not get loaded when I reboot the machine

Here are some observations:

  • when I mount the /dev/fd0 floppy it contains a localhost.apkovl.tar.gz file
  • running lbu list-backup floppy does not list anything after committing the configuration, the result is empty
  • I have a disk attached to the VM, when running setup-alpine I designated the disk to be used as a data volume

Alpine Linux no longer support floppy. You will have to create a minimal hard disk image (32MB should do, depending a bit on how much configs you need), mkfs.vfat /dev/sda instead of /dev/fd0, mount it on /media/usb and make sure the /dev/sda is in your fstab. Then lbu ci usb or select usb when setup-alpine asks where to store the configs.

I have updated the wiki.


Please note that the guide you have followed has been updated:


since floppy is no longer supported.

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