This is what I would like to achieve: I have postgreSQL database running on NAS Synology Diskstation DS216j connected to my router. I want to be able to connect and use the database from remote outside my LAN.

In order to do that I have set a portforwarding on my router to the NAS on ports: - 5432 (Postgres) - 5005 (Webdav)

If I check the ports of my Public Ip they are both open. If I check the ports on my NAS are both open.

From a remote computer (windows platform) I am able to connect to the database with PgAdminIII and I have installed Netdrive which has WebDAV and I am able to see all the files on the NAS.

The problem is: when I lunch the database (with LibreOffice Base), I cannot access to it. After typing the user/password I get this error:

enter image description here


This looks like LibreOffice is attempting to connect to the private IP (, when it needs to actually connect to the public IP.

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