I have a bash shell script that performs a curl command that is made of variables:

# Variables

The $UN and $PW are populated by a read command further within the script when a user logins in...

# Login
echo "Please enter your username and password."
read -p "Username: " UN
read -s -p "Password: " PW

lets assume at login the username is set to "alice" and the password set to something secure like "password".

The problem I have is that the $UN and $PW variables appear empty when the $URL is built i.e. the URL should look like this: http://alice:password@localhost:8080/rest/v1 but instead I'm seeing http://:@localhost:8080/rest/v1

if I echo the variables in the script I can see the UN and PW variables have been populated:

echo $UN

returns alice

echo $PW

returns password but if I

echo $URL

they're missing

I suspect this is something to do with the final / in the http:// but I could be wrong. Note I've tried changing inserting the variables into the $URL variable in different ways...




...but the results are the same.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


You need to set the $URL variable after the $UN and $PW, like this:

echo "Please enter your username and password."
read -p "Username: " UN
read -s -p "Password: " PW

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